Well over 2000 players involved in competitive football in the HKJFL playing tournaments and matches from Under 8's through to Under 14's in a fun environment.

Congratulations to the Champions of the 2016-2017 Season!

U8 Premiership Cup Winners: HKD 1 (x2), KCC 1

Runners-Up: BFA, APSS SK, APSS 2

U8 Championship Cup Winners: TTT 1, APSS 3, BTS 1

Runners-Up: UDFC, APSS 4, BFA 1

U9 Premiership Cup Winners: ESF 1 (x3), TTT 1, HKD 1

Runners-Up: HKFA, HKFC Sharks, AIFA, BFA 1, APSS 1

U9 Championship Cup Winners: BFA 2, ASA, KCC 1, APSS 1, APSS SK

Runners-Up: BTS, APSS2, BFA 2, TTT 2, HKFA

U10 Premiership Cup Winners: APSS 1 (x4), HKD 1

Runners-Up: TTT 1 (x3), BFA 1 (x2)

U10 Championship Cup Winners: BTS, AIFA, MLFA, UDFC, HKFA

Runners-Up: TTT 2 (x2), ESF 2 (x2), AIFA

U11 Premiership League Winners: HKFC 1

Runners-Up: HKD 1

U11 Championship League Winners: BFA

Runners-Up: MLFA 1

U11 Premiership Cup Winners:HKFC 1

Runners-Up: HKD 1

U12 Premiership League Winners: HKFC 1

Runners-Up: APSS 1

U12 Championship League Winners: ESF 2

Runners-Up: HKFC 2

U12 Premiership Cup Winners: APSS 1

Runners-Up: ESF 1

U13 Premiership League Winners: APSS 1

Runners-Up: BTS

U13 Championship League Winners:HKFC 2

Runners-Up: AIFA

U13 Premiership Cup Winners: BTS

Runners-Up: HKD 1

U14 Premiership League Winners: TTT 1

Runners-Up: HKFC 1

U14 Championship League Winners: TTT 2

Runners-Up: HKFC 2

U14 Premiership Cup Winners: HKFC 1

Runners-Up: TTT 1


Saturday's Fixtures

Fixtures for all Saturday's action across all the age groups.
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